About us

We are a group of non-citizens who left our countries because of concrete political reasons. War, poorness, sanction and occupation as the result of imperialism which is even secured with NATO, and beside this, not having any secured life under dictatorship in the country of origin, brought us here to Germany. With having awareness about worldwide racism, sexism and nationalism, we are here, just to have a secured life and freedom of choice in our lives. But what we face in Germany is totally something else: Inhuman living conditions like being forced to live in asylum camps and the general isolation as the result of it, deportation, Residenzpflicht, food packages, not having permission to work and study, are just some examples about what we experience every day. The result of this situation is the countless numbers of suicides of non-citizens in the camps. We as room mates can not just sit and watch our room mates' deaths anymore.


On 28 January 2012 a non-citizen hung himself because of the frustration, the fear of deportation and the way non-citizens have been treated in this part of the world, in Germany. On 19March 2012 non-citizens went into the street with protest tents and on 2 July 2012 Tent Action started, as there was no positive response from the authorities. Again, on 8 September 2012 non-citizens organized a protest march to Berlin and after 28 days the march arrived in Berlin. On 13 October 2012 a big demonstration took place with the participation of 7000 people. 22 non-citizens organized a hunger strike at Brandenburger Tor in Berlin in October 2013, and again, without any result, it got stopped. The first non-citizens congress took place in March 2013 as we non-citizens gathered ourselves to build our own network. In the congress we analysed who is 'asylum seeker' and what the struggle of 'asylum-seekers' is about. As we believed that developing our knowledge is a tool to not let politicians treat us as their slaves or prisoners. On 25April 2013 we started mobilizing ourselves for the next step, so we went to all the camps in Bavaria. On June 22, we demonstrated and decided to go on hunger strike. During this hunger strike we had several negotiations with government officials. They promised to come with a package but in the end, the package didn't contain acceptable offers. That is how they understand politics and power; when negotiations couldn't break our will to change our life situation, we got beaten in the most brutal way by the police force in Germany, in the 'democratic' country, and they forced us to break the hunger strike.


That's why we non-citizens decided to start a protest march on the streets of Bavaria for our freedom, for our basic rights as human beings. We want to start walking to spread our voice with our steps. We are going to start our protest march on 20 August, in two separate routes: one from Bayreuth to Munich and the other one, at the same time from Würzburg to Munich.


We start our walk with demanding to stop deportation and acceptance of our asylum applications and we announce to achieve our demands, our struggle will continue.


The protesting Non-Citizens of the "Refugee Struggle for Freedom"