2nd of October

Against Deportation:

Joined by loud applause and callouts of clear statements like "No one is illegal" and "We are here and we will fight, freedom of movement is everybody's right" two Non-Citizens held a speech at the solidarity festival :

„The festival Rage against Abschiebung always takes place one day before the 'Day of the German Reunion' – 'Tag der Deutschen Einheit'. A day on which the reunion of one nation is celebrated, a day on which nationalism is celebrated. This provides the basis for an exclusion of people from society, like us Non-Citizens. We get excluded because we get stigmatized as "foreign", because of prohibition to participate in German lessons, work and living in refugee camps/Lagers far away from civilization. But racism by government and society doesn't end here.

No, we Non-Citizens also get deported – against our will. Much too often Non-Citizens die because of deportation. The fear of it leads some of us to commit suicide, some have to die because of the brutal treatment by police during the flight, some of us have to die when they reach the country of origin.

Millions and millions of people are facing life-threatening conditions in their countries of origin all over the world. Thousands try to run away and try to find a safe country to finally lead a regular life like other human beings do. With this hope people reach Germany, but here we face different kinds of laws which create real restrictions in our life. These laws make our daily life like a prisoner's one.  But the worst law which we face is the deportation/Abschiebung. So everyday we feel the fear of this deportation, which means nothing else than forcing us Non-Citizens to reach the country of origin again, where we mostly have to face death.

To fight against all these kinds of brutal laws Non-Citizens started this protest since the last two years. We walked to Berlin, we made many protests in different cities of Germany and we made hunger strikes in Berlin, Munich and other cities. In the latest action we completed our protest march – according to our timetable, even though it was against the will of the government, which tried its best to stop us, but they failed.

We Non-Citizens will fight against all inhuman forces, departments and groups, no matter where they belong and who is operating them.

Struggle For Freedom will continue!

We say thanks to all our supporters!

The protesting Non-Citizens”