Afghanistan is Not Safe! Stop Deportations!

An activist of Refugee Struggle for Freedom was deported along with many other people to Kabul, Afghanistan on Wednesday, 14th of December 2016. The German government is assuming that Afghanistan is a safe country of origin, ignoring the Taliban terrorist group, bomb attacks and the ongoing war systematically. German Minister of the Interior de Maizière tries to make by repeating it constantly a truth out of the sentence "Afghanistan is safe". Hereby he ignores also the reports on the security situation. Federal Office of Migration and Refugees/BAMF staff knows there are deportations, not because Afghanistan is safe, but because it is politically wanted. () Even when de Maizière visited Kabul in late January 2016, detonating a bomb a few kilometers away, he continued - with the motivation of racism - with the delusion that Afghanistan is safe.

The Schickeria Munich writes according to this in solidarity with the deported people on a banner in a footballs stadion "Before Afghanistan is safe, Bavaria is ruled by "the left".

BEvor Afghanistan sicher ist, regiert die Lhnke Bayern von Schickeria

34 people, of planned 50, were deported. All the others were able to protect themselves as well as through support. But there will be more collective deportations in just a few days.

In Frankfurt, at the airport, on which the charter flight started, several hundred people demonstrated against the collective deportation. In Munich, we also demonstrated - almost speechless - with grief and anger at this inhuman state.

Demo München Stop Deportation to afghanistan

Self-organized groups, government human rights officers, large sections of the population and a lot of others criticize the deportations - nevertheless they are carried out.

Campaign against deportations to Afghanistan: Not Safe!