Daily Resistance Newspaper- Non-Citizen Rise Up in Bavaria

Daily Resistens was ist das

Our friends from the Daily Resistance collectiv have just published a special issue, called "Non-citizens Rise Up in Bavaria". It´s about the struggle that took place in summer and autumn 2016. It´s documentated by a two-side poster and articles from our protest camp at Sendlinger Tor, our protest march from Munich to Nuremberg as well as our hunger strike and the tree occupation around the Sendlinger Tor. In the newspaper is also a comic that explains how you can stop deportations. Here you digitally find the in ten different languages.

Turce Stop Dep Promo

The spcial issu you can get in 7 different languages: , , , , , und / .

French Promo Daily Resistance  Daily Resistance Poster  Farsi Daily Resistance Promo

What and for whom is Daily Resistance?

Daily Resistance is a periodical newspaper on actual paper written by refugee activists aimed to reach people in lagers. We want to inform them on the state of resistance in Germany and to empower them for their everyday resistance against the system.

Daily Resistance is looking for people who go into or live in the so-called refugee camps and distribute the newspapers there. To order it in the different languages write a mail to:[email protected]

More information you´ll find: