Dry Hunger Strike in Ebersberg, 23rd of May 2017

Dry Hunger Strike for Right to Stay

Day V - End of Dry Hunger Strike
May, 27th 2017

Video message from the 5th day of the dry hunger strike in Ebersberg. There are currently about 50 people at the solidarity rally.
"Germany is a free country, many say (....) But where is freedom, where is peace? (...) Some are here 7 years, 8 years and then you get the letter with the deportation. (...) They say here is a safe life, but this is not a life. "


The whole video you find


Since 11:00 a.m. people gather in solidarity in front of the district office (Landratsamt). Here some impressions:


Since 12:20 midday the dry hunger strike is finished. Here the statement:

The hunger strike has ended for today, but not forever.
Many people were here - from the SPD, from the Green Party, the pastor and the people from the dstirct office (Landratsamt). They said they want to help us. We have given a list of our names and are now waiting for an answer.
We can't wait that long, because it's about our lives. If there is no answer, we will continue to fight.
We are fighting for a right to stay, against deportation, against work bans, against the camps, against the racist laws.



Day IV
May, 26th 2017

By now the fourth day of dry hunger strike began. Some of us had health problems during the night, three of them were taken to the hospital. The rest of us is doing good and continuing fighting for our rights.

The district office (Landratsamt) made the offer to give work permission. But only for those who are registered in Landratsamt Ebersberg. Two hours later this offer was taken back. Because work permission is only given by passing the travellors passport to the authority. This we can´t manage.

The treatment was refused today evening in the hospital. One of us reports that he was sent away. The doctor asked: "Are you from the hunger strike?" Than our friend was sent away. The doctor said to him, that he can come once but not twice. The infusion was also refused against our will.


DECLARATION OF SOLIDARITY - Kreis Jugendring Ebersberg

"In Ebersberg, in front of the district office (Landratsamt), people are demonstrating for freedoms that are self-evident to us. Freedoms that we all have, because we were born here, in Ebersberg. The refugees demonstrate because they want the right to be able to realize themselves, to be able to work and to take care of themselves. They demonstrate against the inactive waiting in their accomodations. Against the waiting for Governments to take responsibility and act.

We speak out for the people who are forced to do a desperate action like a hunger strike.

We are speaking out for the people who want to make use of their right to freedom of expression. We are on the side of those who want to show in a democracy in a peaceful way the circumstances under which they suffer.

For a human and solidarity coexistence! Against Nazism, racism and human hostility!

The board of the Kreisjugendring Ebersberg "


ANNOUNCEMENT of the solidarity rally from BUNT STATT BRAUN
Tomorrow, Saturday, May, 27th 2017 a manifestation takes place in Ebersberg, at 11.00 a.m. (end about 12.00 a.m.)
infront of the district office (Landratsamt), a solidarity rally for the refugees who want to draw attention with a hunger strike to their difficult situation .




May, 25th 2017

Today was the third day of the dry hunger strike.

Many people have insulted and threatened our protest today. A woman first tore the banner down, then picked up the stone from the ground, which lay on the banner and than threw it on us. Then she tore down the transparent „DRY HUNGER STRIKE“. We alarmed the police, who came half an hour later and than claimed that they did not find the woman anymore.

Today is a holiday, nevertheless a representative of the Green Party and people of the district office (Landratsamt) visited us – without results. Yesterday there was also a representative from the SPD. But no one really feels responsible for our problems.

But also many people in solidarity visit us in the daytime and at night. We're really glad about this and it gives us hope.

The police arrives every hour and checks the situation.

Two people were brougth into hospital today. They're ok and they are back at the protest.



Day II
May, 24th 2017

Since two days we are in dry hunger strike. Without tents and nothing. We wait for an answer but until now nobody came to find  with us a solution.Today three people were brought into hospital. But we don´t loose hope and we keep on fighting for our rights.

Our demands your read below.



Day I
May, 23rd 2017

Since today morning the protesting people are in dry hunger strike. The demands are adressed at the aliens department in the district office, representative for all asylum-relevant istitutiones. Here the statement after the first day:

We are the refugees from Refugee Struggle for Freedom.

Since yesterday we are protesting in Ebersberg near to Munich in front of the Landratsamt (district office) and fighting for our rights. From today we start dry hunger strike and until now there is not any answer from the Government side. They totally ignore us. The police says to us if we don’t stop dry hunger strike they will finish our protest because of our health issue. But if the Government would care about us, why don’t they give us our basic human rights? We are not demanding to the Government that they should give us millions of euros. We just demand for our basic rights, so that we can do something for our future.

Here are a lot of Nazis around us, disturbing us and saying lots of shit to us. But we want to tell the government until we don’t get our rights we won´t sit in the modern prisons, the so called “Lagers”.

Protest will be continued until we have our rights.

1. Right to stay

2. No discrimination in society

3. Stop deportations

4. Work permission

5. Abolish the force to stay in camps