Fürstenfeldbruck: Securities attack RSFF Activist

2nd February 2017, Fürstenfeldbruck near to Munich

Last night, an activist of Refugee Struggle for Freedom was beaten by eleven securites. In the camp near Fürstenfeldbruck entrance checks of bags are carried out. Yesterday, however, our friend should be completely searched. This time he has resisted and said that they do not have the right to do so. The securities then said that the German government gave them the right to do so. They first kicked his backpack and then attacked him brutally. They pushed him and kicked him until he lay on the ground. His companion called the police - the securites told her that they could handle it differently. The police and an ambulance came for our injured friend. He spent the night at the hospital in Fürstenfeldbruck.

When we visited him today, he was lying in a bed on the corridor, not in a room. His whole body was still aching. Although he made clear that he still has pain, the nurses told him he had to leave the hospital. The doctor even threatened to call the police if he did not go. Under force he left the hospital.

In Germany refugees without acceptance only have the right for the least emergency medical care

If the German government tolerates that securites are violent against refugees - just for the reason that they do not want to be physically controlled - then we have to fear for our lives, because we can not know what can still happen.