Invitation to meeting for organizing refugee protest

We the refugees that live inhuman conditions of Germany, see our life, our feature and our children in a slow way to death. We all left our countries for different reasons and came here with the hope of having a safe and secure life. We had to take a dangerous and hard way, risking our lives for some thousand kilometers to come here to experience a new and better life. But in the refugee camps, they keep us in discriminating and uncivil situations. They threat us like prisoners. At any moment we are waiting for our deportation. We live in the lowest level of this society and we have to obey to inhuman laws like residentzpflicht and living in the camp. Now it is the time to awake against these unjustices. Yes now its the time to wake up, because we don't want to sit and watch refugees commit suicide any more. To see our people look like death people because of the inhuman laws in germany.


Our demands:

- No Deportation

We think the right to choose the place to live is a basic human right and the only factor for this decision should be the will of the person. Deporting refugees by force which is based only on political and economical relation of states is against this basic human right. Stopping the current wave of deportations of German government is the demand of us refugees.


- No Camps for refugees

Living in camps, like prisons, keep us, refugees, distant from this society we want to be part of. The horrible conditions of living in the camps, in which are protected like prisons by wires and securities, as well as small rooms for four or five people, makes the camp space not a space to live, but a space for struggling to stay alive. We refugees demand closing of all camps in which we don't have any personal space to live.


- Right to work for everyone

We refugees want to have the right to work without any conditions. We believe the right to work and earn a living is a basic right for every human and we are all able to gain what we need for our life on our own, by doing a useful and fair job. Every human have the right to have a job, and to choose what they want to do freely. To have a fair working situation which satisfies him and we are all eligible to receive support against joblessness. Every human should receive the same salary for doing the same job.


- Accepting our Asylum

We believe that every human that escaped war, dictatorship or poverty, has the right of asylum, to get a new chance for life. These are reasons are all made by the European countries which call themselves "supporters of human rights". Our problems are because of politics of Europe. For example selling weapons that worth millions of euros to dictators or terrorist groups, or NATO going to war against our countries with the name of human rights or democracy. For a lot of reasons it is clear that the richness and high living standards of these "First world" European countries is because of destruction of our countries. They made our countries to be "Third world" countries, and that's why it is our right to have Asylum here.

To think together and between us refugees and become united to get the human rights for refugees we invite you all to join our meeting for coordination and organization.


Day: 17th of March 2017 / Time: 12:00-6:00 / Adress: Schwanthalterstr. 64, 80336 München 


Contact (English): 0157 728 000 52 / 0152 139 061 45 / 0152 144 411 09