In Memory of Nfally

21st of February 2017
Just over a year ago our friend Nfally was murdered in his camp in Dorfen.

"Nfally died from the knife stabs of his roommate. But the police murdered him, because they could have helped him when he needed them. The district office in Dorfen murdered Nfally, because they know the previous history of the murderer. The asylum system murdered Nfally because people are forced to live in the same room, without considering the discriminations and attacks, resulting from differences in nationality, religion, culture and sexuality."
(From our from the 06th of November 2016)

We want to commemorate him one year after his death, him and all the people who were murdered by this asylum system. "Who cares about the life of a migrant, especially an asylum seeker?" We asked this more than three months ago when we declared the beginning of our dry hunger strike. And the last time has shown once more that our lives are worth nothing for the authorities.

We will continue to fight for justice, freedom and humanity. For Nfally. For all other victims of the asylum system.

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