Press Conference and Demonstration

11th November 2016

Sendlinger Tor, Munich

Friday, 12 noon, Sendlinger Tor Square, Munich: Press conference on the political and medial reactions to the protest of Refugee Struggle For Freedom, the dissolution of the hunger strike, the arrests and the tree occupation.

An activist describes how he sees the concept of resistance in the context of our protest:

"The hunger strike began, because we tried to defend ourselves when the politicians of our countries of origin did not care about our lives and when the politicians of Germany were not interested in our lives. So we began to suffer in front of the eyes of society, in front of the media and the politicians. The result thereof; All could see it - no dialogue, no respect, no humanity, but an eviction. [...] A very well-known saying about self-defense is: If someone wants to murder you and you defend yourself, it is not crime but self-defense. What is the conclusion for us? We defended our lives, we fought for our case, for justice, and we demanded the basic human rights for us."

Here are two excerpts from the press conference:


Here the speach of the second video:

Last week the protest camp of the Non-Citizens was brutally evicted by the Bavarian government an the city of Munich for the third time, despite their self presentation as democrats. The last evictions took place in 2013 at Rindermarkt and 2014 at Sendlinger Tor. This state violence is to be condemned in our opinion, because our protest is democratic and legitimate. The demand for an end to deportations and for a right to remain are natural human rights. In this sense the city with its brutal eviction showed again that it doesn’t have any kind of interest in a constructive dialogue for a collective solution to the urgent problems. All these conditions show, that the roots of our righteous resistance lie in the neoliberal and imperialist order of this society, which is based on oppression and exploitation. It seems important to us to quote Herbert Marcuse in this context: “But I believe that there is a "natural right" of resistance for oppressed and overpowered minorities to use extralegal means if the legal ones have proved to be inadequate. Law and order are always and everywhere the law and order which protect the established hierarchy; it is nonsensical to invoke the absolute authority of this law and this order against those who suffer from it and struggle against it - not for personal advantages and revenge, but for their share of humanity. There is no other judge over them than the constituted authorities, the police, and their own conscience. If they use violence, they do not start a new chain of violence but try to break an established one. Since they will be punished, they know the risk, and when they are willing to take it, no third person [...] has the right to preach them abstention.” The states’ racism plays into the cards of right wing terror. Through media agitation, restrictions on asylum law and deportations the racist terrorists are encouraged to attack migrants, just as politicians close their eyes when the life of migrants and refugees is in danger. A current example is the fire in Dachauerstraße, in which a man and his two daughters died. In the mean time a wall measuring four meters in height and 50 meters in length was built in Neuperlach to separate a residential area from a accommodation for refugees. This wall means Apartheid in the heart of Europe! The attempt of the state to break our resistance with violence and and intimidate us, will not be successful. Our history shows, that after every attempt to break us with violence we will be back on the streets with more generations. We won’t give up our legitimate protest!

Pk 11.11. Gruppenphoto 

Friday, 7:38 pm, Central Station North, Munich: Demonstration. On Friday, November 4th 2016 the dissolution of our hunger strike for our demand for right to stay and by this for our demand for human rights began at 05:38 pm. The demonstration was held under the slogan "Remembrance of the Dissolution of Hunger Strike."

In front of Dachauer Strasse 24, the demonstration train paused in a silence minute. In memory of the three death victims of the fire in the dormitory for precarious migrant workers.