Refugee Community Debate & Soliparty 29.04.17 / 20 h / Kafe Marat (Munich)

While the German politics declares states like Senegal, Afghanistan or Sierra Leone as „safe“, people from these countries have to deal daily with the threat of a deportation. They are taken the opportunity to work or to educate themselves.

The panel discussion is about their experience and their survival, as well as the political resistance against these conditions. A topic will be also the hierarchical structures within the antiracist struggles – why do refugees trust German activists often more than each other? Why do many ask for help instead of fight for themselves?

Representatives of The Voice Refugee Forum (Jena), Karawane Wuppertal, Refugee Struggle for Freedom (Munich), Refugees for Change (Frankfurt a.M.) are discussing. After the discussion, there is music from
– MC Faytal (Rap, HipHop)
– Teuglife Kane (Rap, HipHop)
– Bigger Arize (Raggae)
and DJs.

There will be also nice food from Sierra Leone!

The money from the soli party will be used for the travel expenses of the Refugee Community Meeting.

Saturday 29.4.17 / 20:00 / Kafe Marat (Thalkirchnerstr. 104) / Entrance
3-5 Euro