Solidarity against police violence in Donauwörth

On Wednesday, 14th of March, police showed extreme brutality towards the inhabitants of the reception center in Donauwörth. At least 29 people were arrested. This happened after the legitimate protest against an attempted deportation. It is still unclear, where the persons are, who have been arrested. What triggered the police violence were presumably the previous protests. For several months refugees were on strikes (e.g. about the German classes and the 80-Cent-jobs in the reception center).

We, the refugees of Donauwörth, demand that the unfounded claims, that we used violence against the police and that we threw furniture out of the windows, are withdrawn immediately. The police came to deport our colleague and began knocking at the doors to all our rooms between 3 and 4 in the morning, as they could not find him in his own room. Around 100 people of different nationalities woke up and demanded with their voices to immediately stop the deportation. At around 2 pm more than 50 police vans and over 200 special police unit officers entered the camp armoured with pistols, tear gas, batons, knives, ropes, rifles, dogs and pepper spray. They locked us in our rooms and barred the main entrance. Everywhere in the house they blocked the passages while taking our personal details and searching our rooms. They were seeking at least 29 people with a list of names, which had been obtained that morning with the help of the social workers and security personell. They threw tear gas canisters into the camp and sprayed pepper spray into some rooms as well as into our eyes. Some people fainted, others jumped out of the windows to save themselves. Window panes had to be broken to allow fresh air to enter the rooms, as all the windows in the EA are locked.

The demands of our previous protests have been, and remain, the recognition of our asylum applications, the closing of the transit camps of transfer to private appartments and the right to participation. Furthermore we demand the release of the prisoners.

See also the concerning the events of the 14th of March 2018 in Donauwörth. To protect the identity of the speakers, the voices are distorted and the faces are covered.

Solidarity with the Strike in Donauwörth, 12th of Feb. 2018

Donauwörth means deprivation of freedom and exploitation – for those who live there, or have to live there. In Donauwörth, the administrative district Donau-Ries, there is a reception center/ “Erstaufnahmeeinrichtung” (EA). According to the law, people have to stay there for up to two years. They are systematically deprived of all rights in order to force them to leave the country. Officially, it’s called “voluntary return.” No freedom of movement: Residence obligation (1). No freedom over the choice of daily food: canteen food. Massive exploitation through 80 cent jobs in the reception center. Deprivation of the right to work, instead: Reduced or canceled pocket money. Deprivation of the right to education. Deprivation of the right on health care, instead completely inadequate medical care.

Strike of the 80 cent job – the alleged aid organization Malteser reacts to this with threatening to reduce the pocket money. This means, on the one hand, that the right to strike is not accepted and on the other hand, that the pocket money, independent from the sallery, will be reduced.

People from Gambia from the reception center packed their stuff to go to Italy by train. Voluntary return? This is a cynical expression of the meticulously planned German racist system, that is supposed to force people to leave the country as quickly as possible.

The journey to Italy has been stopped. As far as Germany wants to throw people from the Global South out of the country, it is also forbidden to let them go. The Germanwide monopol for trains, “Deutsche Bahn” stopped the traffic around Donauwörth. Racist reactions, that it would have been the fault of the refugees, followed.

It is not their fault if they are on strike with the unworthy working conditions with a “sallery” of 80 cents per hour (2). It is the necessary consequence in the fight for an end of racism and thus the right to stay. It is not their fault that “Deutsche Bahn” stops the traffic. It seems more like a last attempt to exercise power, to prepare the ground for hatespeech against refugees and to avoid a scandal. Wouldn’t it been scandalous if people had traveled against the European Dublin law, under the eyes of German policewo*men?

Detained in a camp until the deportation is “allowed”. At the same time leaving the administrated district is prohibited. Working for 80 cents an hour. Canteen food. Poor medical care. Characteristics that are strongly linked to conditions in prisons. Waiting two years until Italy and Germany agreed on deportation to Italy. Loosing two years from your own life.
The strikers from Donauwörth announce that they will take action again, unless positive changes occur in the forthcoming talks with the authorities. Also last week they went on protest and sit ins.


(1) German law (§ 56 AsylG, § 61 (1) AufenthG) that forces asylum seekers to stay inside the district of the foreigners’ registration office.

(2) The Bavarian integration law created these working conditions for non-citizens, apart of the minimum wage for citizens.


Solidarity With Protesting People At Deportation Camp Bamberg

Update 24th Jan 2018:

about the protest in Bamber. It documentates speeches in different languages als well as the talk to the mayor and the spokeswoman of the Bamberg city. A short report about the protest you find . Meanwhile the promised answer from the mayor reached. There is reaffirmed the so called humanity and legality of the deportation camp.




In Solidarity the statement as well as the call out for demonstration on 17th of Jan. 2018 by "Bamberg Refugees" is published here:


Demonstration || Wednesday|| 17th of January 2018 || 12:00 midday AEO (deportation camp) Bamberg

"The AEO camp in Bamberg is worse than a prison. We, refugees living in the camp, will not take anymore the constant harrassment and inhuman treatment. Our demand is for a life in dignity. On Wednesday 17th January 2018 we are going out and taking our demands on the streets. We are calling for all inhabitants of the AEO Bamberg, as well as groups and individuals to join us in solidarity for this peaceful demonstration through the town of Bamberg."

More informations you get at Facebook event:


As well as in their satement:

Against inhumanity! Stop the camp system! We´re refugees, not prisoners! Gegen die Unmenschlichkeit! Stoppt das Lager System! Wir sind Geflüchtete, keine Gefangene!

We are refugees from different countries, who are all facing the same problems. We are living in the „AEO“ camp in Bamberg. We were searching for protection and a life in peace. But what we are facing is no life at all. This is why we stand up – against the inhumanity and harassment in the Bamberg Lager system. On Wednesday 17th January 2018 we are going out and taking our demands on the streets. Our demand is for a life in dignity. We are calling for all inhabitants of the AEO Bamberg, as well as groups and individuals to join us in solidarity for this peaceful demonstration through the town of Bamberg.

Our situation is this: We arrive in Bamberg traumatised and exhausted of long and dangerous travels. We are given no time arrive, we are immediately sent to a comission to be interviewed. One week later most of us receive a negative decision. From that moment on we are in fact imprisoned. Our documents are taken, all we get is a camp card, printed on a white sheet of paper. Even our German asylum seeker documents or our Duldung, if somebody had those before, are taken away.

After a negative asylum decision, we receive no money any more. Not even young mothers are getting one cent: They get no baby food nor can afford to buy some. We are not allowed to work or to leave Bamberg. Our children do not get access to school or education, because they get a negative decision as soon as their parents do. We are not allowed to study German. Nevertheless we have to stay here for months, even for years. Some are here for 24 months already. The camp security is harassing and using violence against us – and we get charged by the police and courts. The police can come at any moment – to search our rooms or to take one of us for deportation. Nobody can live like this!

When we escape and leave to another country we are brought back to the Bamberg camp, because our finger prints are here and Germany asks to bring us here. But if Germany doesn not want us, then please let us go to another country which repects our rights. Germany is not the only country in Europe!

We are tired of this camp. We cannot live like this – not even one more day. We are treated like prisoners, not like refugees. We will not accept this any longer! We were searching for protection, but we still have to fight for our right to live in peace and freedom. There is no justice to us – our struggle just continues. We will take our protest to the streets – and we will not stop it, until our situation is changed!

We demand:

  1. Many of us are here without any German Ausweis, only the white camp card: We need a German Ausweis and the right to work

  2. Schooling is a universal right of every child in the world: Our children need to go to school – and we adults also need to study

  3. Many of us are denied the basic financial support that is guaranteeed by the German constitution – even young mothers do not get one cent for baby food. We need a basic financial livelihood

  4. We stay here for months, some even 24 months: We need transfers! Shut down the Bamberg AEO-Lager! No Lager nowhere!  

  5. We need proper medical care

  6. The constant harassment and inhuman treatment of us refugees needs to stop (by securities, administration and others)

  7. The women need their own spaces of privacy and safety

  8. No deportations, Dublin or other

  9. Stop racism

We will not watch anymore how we are chased, harassed and finally deported. We escaped from that: persecution, torture, poverty and war. We will not go back. We will fight for that right to live – and to be treated like human beings!

We are here – and we will stay!

Solidarity with the 'strike of closed doors' of 209 people from Sierra Leone in the transit camp Deggendorf

On Friday, 15th of December 2017, 209 people from Sierra Leone in the transit camp in Deggendorf started a 'strike of closed doors'. In protest, the children and young people refused to attend the German class as access to other educational institutions is denied. The adults haven't left the accommodation and denied to work in the 80 cents jobs. On Saturday, 16th of December 2017 they started a hunger strike. The protest involves 44 children and young people, as well as 40 women (among them 12 pregnant women) and 125 men. The starting point of the protest was the violent deportation of a man from Sierra Leone on Friday morning, which was stopped in the last minute at the airport.


Statement of striking refugees in Deggendorf

We are Sierra Leoneans seeking for protection here in Germany but have been frustrated instead of protected. And we have resolved to strike action based on the following reasons:

Every Asylum seeker from Sierra Leone in Deggendorf gets always negative results in the form of :

1. Dublin deportation
2. Rejection of asylum application
3. Asylum application is 'invalid'

- The next point is that we now stay in a camp for 2 years instead of the initial 6 months, with no schooling, no work permit.

- Very poor accommodation facilities with 8 occupants in a room, with poor hygiene and toilet facilities.

- Very poor quality of food.

- Deportation to Italy with serious torture and no proper arrangements for reinstatement of the immigrants in Italy thereby leaving the immigrants on the street suffering.

- Forceful deportation of pregnant women, children, sick people and sucking mothers.

- No medication for immigrants for certain sickness.
And now established to us that this is a private camp and cannot allow any journalists.

On this basis we have started on 15th December 2017 a close door strike with no schooling and on Saturday 16th December and Sunday 17th December hunger strike and on Monday, we will be going to city council to get clearances to have a peaceful protest accross Deggendorf with continuation of no schooling and hunger strike.
This is to let the whole world know how Germany is treating the immigrants.

Demonstration on 19th of August 2017, Munich

Sierra Leone Community in cooperation with Refugee Struggle For Freedom and The Voice calls out to join demonstration and workshops at 19th of August 2017 in Munich.

Knowledge of the own position in the asylum procedure is not only protection against deportation, but also the key to self-determination and the reduction of dependence on helper circles.

Demonstration: 1:00-4:00 midday, start at the Hauptbahnhof/ main railway station

Workshops: From 6:00 - 10:00 p.m., adress will be announced at the demo for all who are in interest

Dry Hunger Strike in Ebersberg, 23rd of May 2017

Dry Hunger Strike for Right to Stay

Day V - End of Dry Hunger Strike
May, 27th 2017

Video message from the 5th day of the dry hunger strike in Ebersberg. There are currently about 50 people at the solidarity rally.
"Germany is a free country, many say (....) But where is freedom, where is peace? (...) Some are here 7 years, 8 years and then you get the letter with the deportation. (...) They say here is a safe life, but this is not a life. "


The whole video you find


Since 11:00 a.m. people gather in solidarity in front of the district office (Landratsamt). Here some impressions:


Since 12:20 midday the dry hunger strike is finished. Here the statement:

The hunger strike has ended for today, but not forever.
Many people were here - from the SPD, from the Green Party, the pastor and the people from the dstirct office (Landratsamt). They said they want to help us. We have given a list of our names and are now waiting for an answer.
We can't wait that long, because it's about our lives. If there is no answer, we will continue to fight.
We are fighting for a right to stay, against deportation, against work bans, against the camps, against the racist laws.



Day IV
May, 26th 2017

By now the fourth day of dry hunger strike began. Some of us had health problems during the night, three of them were taken to the hospital. The rest of us is doing good and continuing fighting for our rights.

The district office (Landratsamt) made the offer to give work permission. But only for those who are registered in Landratsamt Ebersberg. Two hours later this offer was taken back. Because work permission is only given by passing the travellors passport to the authority. This we can´t manage.

The treatment was refused today evening in the hospital. One of us reports that he was sent away. The doctor asked: "Are you from the hunger strike?" Than our friend was sent away. The doctor said to him, that he can come once but not twice. The infusion was also refused against our will.


DECLARATION OF SOLIDARITY - Kreis Jugendring Ebersberg

"In Ebersberg, in front of the district office (Landratsamt), people are demonstrating for freedoms that are self-evident to us. Freedoms that we all have, because we were born here, in Ebersberg. The refugees demonstrate because they want the right to be able to realize themselves, to be able to work and to take care of themselves. They demonstrate against the inactive waiting in their accomodations. Against the waiting for Governments to take responsibility and act.

We speak out for the people who are forced to do a desperate action like a hunger strike.

We are speaking out for the people who want to make use of their right to freedom of expression. We are on the side of those who want to show in a democracy in a peaceful way the circumstances under which they suffer.

For a human and solidarity coexistence! Against Nazism, racism and human hostility!

The board of the Kreisjugendring Ebersberg "


ANNOUNCEMENT of the solidarity rally from BUNT STATT BRAUN
Tomorrow, Saturday, May, 27th 2017 a manifestation takes place in Ebersberg, at 11.00 a.m. (end about 12.00 a.m.)
infront of the district office (Landratsamt), a solidarity rally for the refugees who want to draw attention with a hunger strike to their difficult situation .




May, 25th 2017

Today was the third day of the dry hunger strike.

Many people have insulted and threatened our protest today. A woman first tore the banner down, then picked up the stone from the ground, which lay on the banner and than threw it on us. Then she tore down the transparent „DRY HUNGER STRIKE“. We alarmed the police, who came half an hour later and than claimed that they did not find the woman anymore.

Today is a holiday, nevertheless a representative of the Green Party and people of the district office (Landratsamt) visited us – without results. Yesterday there was also a representative from the SPD. But no one really feels responsible for our problems.

But also many people in solidarity visit us in the daytime and at night. We're really glad about this and it gives us hope.

The police arrives every hour and checks the situation.

Two people were brougth into hospital today. They're ok and they are back at the protest.



Day II
May, 24th 2017

Since two days we are in dry hunger strike. Without tents and nothing. We wait for an answer but until now nobody came to find  with us a solution.Today three people were brought into hospital. But we don´t loose hope and we keep on fighting for our rights.

Our demands your read below.



Day I
May, 23rd 2017

Since today morning the protesting people are in dry hunger strike. The demands are adressed at the aliens department in the district office, representative for all asylum-relevant istitutiones. Here the statement after the first day:

We are the refugees from Refugee Struggle for Freedom.

Since yesterday we are protesting in Ebersberg near to Munich in front of the Landratsamt (district office) and fighting for our rights. From today we start dry hunger strike and until now there is not any answer from the Government side. They totally ignore us. The police says to us if we don’t stop dry hunger strike they will finish our protest because of our health issue. But if the Government would care about us, why don’t they give us our basic human rights? We are not demanding to the Government that they should give us millions of euros. We just demand for our basic rights, so that we can do something for our future.

Here are a lot of Nazis around us, disturbing us and saying lots of shit to us. But we want to tell the government until we don’t get our rights we won´t sit in the modern prisons, the so called “Lagers”.

Protest will be continued until we have our rights.

1. Right to stay

2. No discrimination in society

3. Stop deportations

4. Work permission

5. Abolish the force to stay in camps

Protest in Ebersberg, 22nd of May 2017

Since today morning we 36 people demonstrate in front of district office in Ebersberg, near to Munich.

We are the refugees from Refugee Struggle for Freedom. Since 2012 until now on the streets we are protesting for our basic human rights. As refugee it´s really hard to get basic human rights in Germany because we didn´t born here – just this is our fault.

We did lots of protests in these 5 years in whole Germany but until now we are in the streets and nothing changed for us. We don´t know what should we do. How many years we have to fight – just to reach our basic human rights?

Right now the conditions are really bad for refugees in Germany. Every day refugees get deported in their home countries – without any reasons.

Lots of refugees committed suicide and finished their lives just because we are not allowed to do what we want to do. We put our lives in danger to reach a better life in Germany because in our countries there is war. Every day people are dying with bombings and so we came here to Germany for a better life.

Now German Government is playing with us. They don´t give us any right a German citizen has. We are protesting in Ebersberg, near Munich since today. From tomorrow, 23rd of May 2017 on we will start dry hunger strike – no food, no water.

Our demands are: Right 2 Stay   ||  Stop Deportation  ||   No Discrimination in Society (equal rights for all)   ||   Work Permission

These are the basic human rights that we want.

 We are here and we will fight – Freedom of movement is everybodies right

Our solidarity with the protesting people at Brienner Straße in Berlin. They went out of the camp on the streets to demand better conditions. Read more

Our solidarity with the protesting Oromo refugees. They demonstrate against deprotation to Ethiopia, for the release of all political prisoners, for the support of the peaceful protest of the oromo and an independent investigation massacre in the Irrecha on 2nd of October 2016 in Buschoftu. Demonstration: 23th of May 2017, 6 p.m. Wasserburger Landstraße 23, Trudering

Refugee Community Debate & Soliparty 29.04.17 / 20 h / Kafe Marat (Munich)

While the German politics declares states like Senegal, Afghanistan or Sierra Leone as „safe“, people from these countries have to deal daily with the threat of a deportation. They are taken the opportunity to work or to educate themselves.

The panel discussion is about their experience and their survival, as well as the political resistance against these conditions. A topic will be also the hierarchical structures within the antiracist struggles – why do refugees trust German activists often more than each other? Why do many ask for help instead of fight for themselves?

Representatives of The Voice Refugee Forum (Jena), Karawane Wuppertal, Refugee Struggle for Freedom (Munich), Refugees for Change (Frankfurt a.M.) are discussing. After the discussion, there is music from
– MC Faytal (Rap, HipHop)
– Teuglife Kane (Rap, HipHop)
– Bigger Arize (Raggae)
and DJs.

There will be also nice food from Sierra Leone!

The money from the soli party will be used for the travel expenses of the Refugee Community Meeting.

Saturday 29.4.17 / 20:00 / Kafe Marat (Thalkirchnerstr. 104) / Entrance
3-5 Euro

دعوت به جلسه برای سازماندهی اعتراض پناهجویان

[Deutsch, Français, English, العربية ,اردو]


   پناهجویانی که در شرایط غیر انسانی‌ پناهندگی در کشور آلمان، زندگی‌ و آینده خود و فرزندانتان را دچار مرگ تدریجی‌ می‌بینید

 همه ما به دلایل مختلف کشور خود را ترک کرده ایم و به امید داشتن زندگی امن و سالم به این کشور آمده ایم

 اکثر ما راهی کشنده،مخاطره آمیز و طاقت فرسا با فاصله ای چند هزار کیلومتری را تا بدینجا طی نموده ایم تا شاید که زندگی جدید و بهتری را تجربه کنیم

 اما در کمپ‌های پناهندگی همچون زندانیان در شرایط تبیعض آمیز و و ناشهروندی به سر میبریم، هر لحظه در انتظار حکم غیر انسانی‌ دیپورت قرار داریم، در آخرین لایه اجتماعی این جامعه جای گرفته ایدم و صرفا موظف به اطاعت قوانین غیر انسانی همچون محدوده تردد و زندگی‌ اجباری در کمپ می باشیم اکنون وقت خیزش علیه همه این بی‌ عدالتی ها است

 آری اکنون وقت برخاستن است چرا که دیگر نمی خواهیم به صورت منفعلانه شاهد خودکشی پناهجویی باشیم که شرایط و قوانین انسان کش حاکم بر زندگی پناهجویان در آلمان، هر انسانی را به مرگ تدریجی مجبورمی‌کند

 :خواسته‌های ما

 :لغو قانون دیپورت -

 به باور ما،انتخاب محل زندگی جزء ابتدایی ترین حقوق هر انسانی می باشد که تنها معیار تعیین کننده در این انتخاب، اختیار و اراده فردی است. بازگزداندن پناهجویان که صرفا بر داد و ستد های سیاسی/اقتصادی دولت ها استوار گشه است نقض چنین حق جهانشمولی می باشد و توقف روند جاری و غیر انسانی بازگشت توسط دولت آلمان، مطالبه ی پناهجویان است

  : برچیده شدن کمپ های پناهجویی -

 کمپ های پناهجویی به مانند دیوار های محافظ، پناهجویان را به دور از فضای جامعه نگاه می دارد. شرایط غیر قابل تحمل کمپ های پناهجویی، که همچون زندان ها و یا پادگان های نظامی توسط نیروی انسانی و یا سیم های خاردار حفاظت می شوند و اتاق های کوچک برای چهار و یا پنج نفر، محیط کمپ را به فضایی نه برای زندگی که صرفا برای زنده ماندن بدل کرده است. ما خواستار بسته شدن تمام کمپ هایی هستیم که پناهجویان در آن از هیچ فضای خصوصی برخوردار نیستند.

 : اجازه کار بدون قید و شرط -

 ما خواهان دریافت اجازه کار بدون قید و شرط هستیم زیرا معتقدیم که حق کار و تلاش به قصد گذران زندگی، حق هر انسانی است و همه ما از توانایی هایی برای فراهم آوردن ملزومات زندگی خود، از طریق کاری مفید، عادلانه و درآمدزا برخورداریم.

 هر انسانی حق دارد که صاحب شغل بوده و آزادانه شغل خویش را انتخاب کند، شرایط کاری منصفانه مورد رضایت خویش را دارا باشد و سزاوار حمایت در برابر بیکاری است.هر انسانی سزاوار است تا بدون رواداشت هیچ تبعیضی برای کار برابر، مزد برابر دریافت نماید.

: قبولی پناهندگی -

 به باور ما قبولی پناهندگی حق تمام انسانهایی است که به دلیل جنگ ، فقر و دیکتاتوری فرار کرده اند تا فقط شانسی برای زندگی داشته باشند

 دلایلی که همین کشور‌های مثلا حامی‌ حقوق بشر با سیاستهای خود در کشور‌های ما بوجود آورده اند

 مثل فروش چندین میلیون یورو اسلحه به دیکتاتورها یا گروهای مسلح ، و یا اشغال و تخریب کشور‌ها زیر نام حمایت بشر دوستانه و صادرات دموکراسی

 به دلایل بسیار می‌توان ثابت کرد که رفاه و زیبایی کشور‌های جهان اول حاصل نابود کردن زندگی‌ ما در جایی‌ است که آنرا همین جهان اولی‌ ها، جهان سوم کرده اند به همین خاطر قبولی پناهندگی حق همه ما پناهجویان است

 ما برای همفکری و صحبت کردن میان خود ما پناهجویان جهت تصمیم گرفتن برای متحد شدن با هم و در کنار هم دست به اعتراض زدن برای رسیدن به حقوق بشر پناهجویان ، از همه شما پناهجویان دعوت به شرکت در یک جلسه هماهنگی‌ و سازماندهی می‌کنیم


Date: 17th of March 2017 / Time: 12:00-6:00 / Adress: Schwanthalterstr. 64, 80336 München


 Contact (Farsi): 0179 609 9476 / 0176 569 525 58

Invitation au grand réunion organisé par les refugiès

Nous refugiès qui vivent dans des conditions inhumaine en Allemagne, ont vu leurs vies leurs futures et celle de leurs enfants se detruire peu à peu. Nous avons tous laissés nos pays pour différentes raisons, en venant ici pour trouver la securité, du changement et de l'ésperance. On a emprunté des chemins difficiles et dangereuses, en risquant notre vie par des milliers de kilomètres pour arriver ici et construire une vie meilleure. Mais ici dans ses camps de refugiès, ils nous discriminent dans des situations insatisfaites en nous traitant comme des prisonniers. À n'importe quelle moment sur le risque d'être deporté. Nous vivons dans le plus bas niveau de cette société allemande, et on est obligé d'obeir à ses lois inhumaines comme l'obligation de résider à domicile dans les camps. C'est le moment de se lever contres ses lois injustes, c'est le moment de se lever, parce qu'on ne veut plus attendre et regarder nos fréres et soeurs refugiès se suicider nulle part. À regarder nos compatriotes comme des morts vivants à cause des lois inhumaines allemandes.


Notre demand:

- Pas de déportation

Nous pensons que le droit de choisir l'endroit où l'on veut vivre est une loi des droits humains et la seule facteur pour cette décision devrait être le voeu de la personne. Déporter les refugiès par la force lequel est bases seulement par des raison politiques et des relations economiques des êtats est un enfrain des droits humains des conventions de geneve. Ârreter l'actuèl serie de déportation du gouvernement allemande est la demande.


- Pas de camps de refugiès

Vivre aux camps c'est comme vivre en prisons, cela nous distance de la societé dont nous voulons faire part. L'horible conditions de vie dans les camps qui sont comme soit disant protégès et sécurisés comme dans les prisons, qu'importe la chambre pétit ou grand on est obligé d'y vivre a trois oú à quatre par chambre et cela fait des camps un milieu de vie incomfortable, mais aussi un endroit où il faut combattre pour survivre. Nous refugiès demandons la férmetures de tous les camps du quel nous n'avons d'éspace de vie personnel.


- Droit au travail pour tout un chacun

Nous refugiès voulons le droit de travailler sans conditions. Nous croyons que le droit de trvailler et d'étudier et de vivre est un droit de base pour chaque humain. Chaque humain a le droit d'avoir un travail et de choisir de ce qu il veut faire librement. D'avoir un travail équivalent à sa situation parce que nous somme contre le fait de recevoir de l'aide. Travail égal salaire ègal.

- Droit d'asile

Tout réscape de guerre, pouvoir dictatorial, ont le droit à l'asile, d'avoir une nouvelle chance de construire une vie meilleure. Ses reasons ont été crées par les pays européens qui ce sont soit disant nommes défenseurs des droits humains. Tout ce que nous subissons est la cause de la politique migratoire de l'europe. Par exemple, la vente d'armes de déstructions à des millions d'euros à des dictateurs où à des groupes térroristes . Où l'OTAN crée une guerre au nom des droits humains et de la démocratie. Pour beaucoup de raisons c'est clair que la richésse et la plus haute niveau de vie est pour eux 'first world' premier au rang mondial. Ils ont fait que nos pays soient 'le troisième monde' où les pays du sud, cause pour la quelle on a droit a un statut d'asile en europe.


À penser ensemble entre nous refugiès et s'unir à ce que nous reviens de droit, nos droits humains, nous vous invitons tous à joindre notre rencontre et notre organisation.


Date: 17th of March 2017 / Time: 12:00-6:00 / Adress: Schwanthalterstr. 64, 80336 München


Contact (Francais): 0176 / 266 795 36


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